Recent Calls
Sat. May 30th 2020
The fire police response team assisted directing traffic in the Town of Dunkirk at 10789 Roberts road for a structure fire. Callout time 11:13am.
Sun. May 10th 2020
The fire police response team assisted directing traffic in the Town of Stockton,Fredonia Stockton road and Bachellor Hill roads due to a car crashing into power line pole. Callout time: 03:20 am.
Tue. Apr 21st 2020
The fire police response team assisted directing traffic at a two car motor vehicle accident on Barnes road intersection of Burdick road in the Town of Chautauqua. Callout time: 15:19pm.
Thu. Apr 16th 2020
The fire police response team assisted Sinclairville Fire Dept. with traffic control a 6819 Route 60 when a tractor-trailer had to be removed from the road. Callout time: 11:55am.
Thu. Feb 27th 2020
The fire police response team assisted directing traffic at a truck-automobile accident on Interstate 86 near exit 11 in the town of Ellery. Callout time 14;29pm.
News Headlines
Wed. Feb 14th 2018
John Griffith is now the Director of Emergency Services for Chautauqua County. Congratulations to John on your promotion.
Wed. Feb 14th 2018
Scott Cummings, Battalion Coordinator is now in charge of the Fire Police Response Team. Welcome Scott to the team.
Tue. Jan 30th 2018
Once a firefighter, always a firefighter! Retired City of Olean Firefighter Al LaFredo was recognized at the Ashville Volunteer Fire Department’s Annual Dinner for his 50 years of service as a f...
Thu. Jul 14th 2016
The fire police response team has changed the requirements to join the team and make it easier for new fire police to belong. (Requirements for participants: After completion of the N.Y.State Fire ...
Mike Dorsett Award

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Mike Dorsett Award

Mike Dorsett was a member of the Stockton Fire Department. His dedication to the fire department was exemplary. Unfortunately, he had cystic fibrosis and was unable to be around any smoke or environment that would impair his breathing ability. Though he was limited to what he could do on the fireground, he realized that there are many other activities within the fire department that he could participate in. Mike spent many hours at the fire hall keeping equipment in good condition and ready for use when a call came in. He was also a member of the fire police squad and could be depended on to help with their duties whenever he was needed. We lost Mike to his disease when he was in his early twenties but his memory and demonstrated dedication still lives on at the Stockton Fire hall today. This award was established to give recognition to the other fire police of our ranks that have also shown exemplary dedication to their departments and communities.


                          Dorsett Award Winners




    Howard Briggs


    Charles Kingsley


    Truman Abraham


    Jimmy Reynolds


    Donald Joslyn


    Russell Ewing


    Robert Minekime


    James Girts


    Floyd Arnick


    Ted Gorka


    Milton Graham


    Gardner Thompson


    James Hughson


    Charles Lawson


    Don Carson


    Patrick Marlinski


    Marty Garvey *


    Dave Burlingame


    Carol Ranney


    Greg Osterstuck


    Debby Carlson


    Karen Keulh-Heston


    Doug Wood


    Doug  Ireland


    Charlie Bryant


    Lavern Terrill


    Al Lafredo