Recent Calls
Sat. May 30th 2020
The fire police response team assisted directing traffic in the Town of Dunkirk at 10789 Roberts road for a structure fire. Callout time 11:13am.
Sun. May 10th 2020
The fire police response team assisted directing traffic in the Town of Stockton,Fredonia Stockton road and Bachellor Hill roads due to a car crashing into power line pole. Callout time: 03:20 am.
Tue. Apr 21st 2020
The fire police response team assisted directing traffic at a two car motor vehicle accident on Barnes road intersection of Burdick road in the Town of Chautauqua. Callout time: 15:19pm.
Thu. Apr 16th 2020
The fire police response team assisted Sinclairville Fire Dept. with traffic control a 6819 Route 60 when a tractor-trailer had to be removed from the road. Callout time: 11:55am.
Thu. Feb 27th 2020
The fire police response team assisted directing traffic at a truck-automobile accident on Interstate 86 near exit 11 in the town of Ellery. Callout time 14;29pm.
News Headlines
Wed. Feb 14th 2018
John Griffith is now the Director of Emergency Services for Chautauqua County. Congratulations to John on your promotion.
Wed. Feb 14th 2018
Scott Cummings, Battalion Coordinator is now in charge of the Fire Police Response Team. Welcome Scott to the team.
Tue. Jan 30th 2018
Once a firefighter, always a firefighter! Retired City of Olean Firefighter Al LaFredo was recognized at the Ashville Volunteer Fire Department’s Annual Dinner for his 50 years of service as a f...
Thu. Jul 14th 2016
The fire police response team has changed the requirements to join the team and make it easier for new fire police to belong. (Requirements for participants: After completion of the N.Y.State Fire ...
About Us

Welcome to our website!

According to Section 209-C of the General Municipal Law of the State of New York: "The authorities having control of the fire companies may organize within such company's fire police squads, so organized at such time as the fire company is on duty, or whereon orders of the chief of the fire company to which they are members they are separately engaged in a response to a call for assistance. They shall have powers and serve as peace officers. A member of the fire police squad shall take an oath of office as a fire police person and such oath shall be filed in the office of the town clerk, and separately finish a training course offered by the Office of Fire Prevention and Control."  

As New York State peace officers, they are required to take an oath, a copy of which must be kept on file in the town clerk's office in the municipality in which they serve. As mandated by Executive Law, Section 845 (Chapter 482, Laws of 1979 and Chapter 843 Laws of 1980), they are also listed with the Central Registry of Police and Peace Officers at the New York State, Division of Criminal Justice Services, Office of Public Safety Albany, NY. 

"It is important to note, at no time do fire police squads have authority over police officers at a fire scene or other firematic operation. Outside of actual firefighting duties, fire police squads are subject to and subordinate to all police officers. This includes, but is not limited to: State Troopers, ENCON Police Officers, State Park Police Officers, SUNY University Police Officers, Railroad Policemen, county sheriff deputies or police officers, or police officers of a city, town, village or police district" (New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services Office of Public Safety, Albany.N.Y., Jan, 2013)


 Chautauqua County Fire Police Response Team


The Chautauqua County Fire Police Response Team is comprised of volunteer members from the Chautauqua County fire departments. The team is under the control of the Office of Emergency Services, Mayville, N.Y. under Scott Cummings, Deputy Fire Coordinator. Dave Burlingame is the County Fire Police Captain in charge of the team along with four Battalion Lieutenants TC-1 truck and TC-2 truck Lieutenants. 

The team is dispatched through the fire dispatch at the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office, Mayville, N.Y. at the request of any fire chief or law enforcement agency. Fire dispatch uses CAD (computer aided dispatching) and text messaging with pagers to call out team members.

We are ready to respond to any emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Fire Police Response Team has two traffic control trucks, TC-1 and TC-2 (pictured above). Both trucks have the same equipment including traffic control signs, traffic cones, reflective vests and coats, flares, flags, 48 inch traffic directional signs, road closure signs, flashlights, AED and emergency EMS kits plus coffee, water and snacks for team members during long call outs.



2019 Response Team Officers


  County Fire Coordinator  Scott Cummings
  County Captain  Dave Burlingame
  Lieutenant TC-1  Al Lafredo
  Lieutenant TC-2  Ed Sisson, Sr.
  Lieutenant 1st Battalion  Ed Sisson, Sr.
  Lieutenant 2nd Battalion  Phil Gerace
  Lieutenant 3rd Battalion  Greg Osterstuck
  Lieutenant 4th Battalion  Lavern Terrill


Note to our Business Contributors

The Chautauqua County Volunteer Fire Police Association, Inc. is a 501-C-3 Corporation listed with the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit entity.

Corporations and persons interested in contributing to our association should contact:

Terry Grisanti, President



 Departments we serve


  Ashville Fire Dept.
  Bemus Point Fire Dept.
  Brocton Fire Dept.
  Busti Fire Dept.
   Cassadaga Fire Dept.
  Celoron Hose Co.No.1
  Chautauqua Fire Dept.
  Cherry Creek Fire Dept.
  Clymer Fire Dept.
  Dewittville Fire Dept.
  Dunkirk Fire Dept.
  East Dunkirk Fire Dept.
  Ellery Center Fire Dept.
  Ellington Fire Dept.
  Falconer Fire Dept.
  Findley Lake Fire Dept.
  Fluvanna Fire Dept.
  Forestville Fire Dept.
  Fredonia Fire Dept.
  Frewsburg Fire Dept.
  Gerry Fire Dept.
  Hanover Hose Co.No.1
  Hartfield Fire Dept.
  Irving Fire Dept.
  Jamestown Fire Dept.
  Kennedy Fire Dept.
  Kiantone Fire Dept.
  Lakewood Fire Dept.
  Lily Dale Fire Dept.
  Maple Springs Fire Dept.
  Mayville Fire Dept.
  Panama Fire Dept.
  Portland Fire Dept.
  Ripley Fire Dept.
  Sheridan Fire Dept.
   Sherman Fire Dept.
  Silver Creek Fire Dept.
  Sinclairville Fire Dept.
  South Dayton Fire Dept.
  Stockton Fire Dept.
  Sugar Grove Fire Dept.
  Sunset Bay Fire Dept.
  West Dunkirk Fire Dept.
  Westfield Fire Dept.


Other agencies we serve


  Chautauqua County Sheriff
  Chautauqua County Haz-Mat Response Team
  Chautauqua County Fire Investigation Team
  Chautauqua County Dive (WET) Team
  Chautauqua County FAST Team
  Chautauqua County Technical Rescue Team
  Chautauqua County EMS Response Team
  Ellicott Police Department
  Dunkirk Police Department
  Fredonia Police Department
  Lakewood/Busti Police Department
  New York State Police
  New York State  DEC Police
  New York State Forest Rangers
  New York State Park Rangers
  Alstar EMS Ambulance
  Starflight Medevac
  Mercyflight EMS