Recent Calls
Sat. May 30th 2020
The fire police response team assisted directing traffic in the Town of Dunkirk at 10789 Roberts road for a structure fire. Callout time 11:13am.
Sun. May 10th 2020
The fire police response team assisted directing traffic in the Town of Stockton,Fredonia Stockton road and Bachellor Hill roads due to a car crashing into power line pole. Callout time: 03:20 am.
Tue. Apr 21st 2020
The fire police response team assisted directing traffic at a two car motor vehicle accident on Barnes road intersection of Burdick road in the Town of Chautauqua. Callout time: 15:19pm.
Thu. Apr 16th 2020
The fire police response team assisted Sinclairville Fire Dept. with traffic control a 6819 Route 60 when a tractor-trailer had to be removed from the road. Callout time: 11:55am.
Thu. Feb 27th 2020
The fire police response team assisted directing traffic at a truck-automobile accident on Interstate 86 near exit 11 in the town of Ellery. Callout time 14;29pm.
News Headlines
Wed. Feb 14th 2018
John Griffith is now the Director of Emergency Services for Chautauqua County. Congratulations to John on your promotion.
Wed. Feb 14th 2018
Scott Cummings, Battalion Coordinator is now in charge of the Fire Police Response Team. Welcome Scott to the team.
Tue. Jan 30th 2018
Once a firefighter, always a firefighter! Retired City of Olean Firefighter Al LaFredo was recognized at the Ashville Volunteer Fire Department’s Annual Dinner for his 50 years of service as a f...
Thu. Jul 14th 2016
The fire police response team has changed the requirements to join the team and make it easier for new fire police to belong. (Requirements for participants: After completion of the N.Y.State Fire ...

Welcome to our website!

This website is dedicated to the brave men and women of the New York City Fire Department, EMS, police and emergency responders who answered the last alarm on 9/11/01.


Mission Statement

The Chautauqua County Volunteer Fire Police Association shall be comprised of active members of fire police squads of the fire departments in Chautauqua County. 

We shall meet monthly to conduct business matters pertaining to our organization and conduct training sessions on topics which will enhance the safety of our members and other emergency responders, as well as the general public.  

We will proactively interact with other public agencies to foster a good working relationship prior to being called to work together at a scene of an emergency. (Adopted June 18, 2003).


Interface between fire police and the public

An often overlooked facet of fire police operation is that it provides an interface between the fire department and the public. The public seldom have occasion to talk with firefighters while they are working at an emergency. Fire police at times have the opportunity to speak with bystanders and answer questions about the operation, their volunteer fire department, or simply give directions or suggest possible detours. During these times their professionalism, appearance, and demeanor, or lack thereof, reflects directly on their department and the entire volunteer fire service. 


A list of duties of fire police:

  • Protecting each other's safety while on post.
  • Protecting fire department equipment.
  • Protecting firefighters and emergency medical service (EMS) personnel.
  • Protecting each other's safety while on post.
  • Protecting bystanders and crowd control at emergencies.
  • Assisting with police investigations if requested.
  • Rerouting responding emergency vehicles to their assigned locations.
  • Rerouting non-emergency traffic away/around emergency operations.
  • Locate and mark downed energized electric service or other hazards to first responders.
  • Utilize their department/county team apparatus as command posts to relay radio communications to/from IC (fire chief).
  • Utilize their department/county team apparatus to distribute equipment, gear, portable radios, etc. to posts.
  • Deploy their department/county team apparatus utilizing lights and equipment at road blocks.
  • Escort those authorized by the IC (fire chief), through fire lines.
  • Turn, back-in & stage ambulances, tankers, etc. when required by space limitations.
  • Make a clear unblocked entrance and egress to & from an incident scene for use by apparatus.
  • Protect fire lines & outer Haz-mat zones.
  • Have a fire police officer at the command to deploy arriving fire police units & advise of incoming mutual aid or equipment so they can be directed to their assigned locations.
  • Maintain a fire watch for as long as required.
  • Protect an unbroken chain of evidence until it can be surrendered to police or Fire Marshall.
  • Maintain control of a possible crime scene enabling an immediate police investigation.
  • Make staging areas for apparatus, triage, Red Cross, news media, etc.
  • Provide security at a fire house, department event, carnival, police investigation.
  • Have a pool of trained fire police officers to relieve first due company's fire police.
  • Start a safety watch at fire police posts beyond the immediate emergency area affording the IC (fire chief) with additional reliable information otherwise unobtainable.
  • Do a crowd-watch for suspicious spectators, drive-bys, etc.   observations, etc.
  • Take custody of valuables and personal property and assist with salvage & communication with police, highway and other support agencies.
  • Do photographic/video record of an incident for reference and training if permitted by IC or fire chief.
  • Assist with a boat for search, rescue & recovery.
  • Fire police may also conduct area evacuations & maintain in/out traffic at haz-mat decontamination centers and establish ground control and mark the landing zone (LZ) for a requested med-evac helicopter.
  • Assist with locating woodland smoke sightings and/or brush fires. participate in lost person searches.
  • Close roads & mark downed trees, wires, etc. after hurricanes or other weather emergencies.
  • Assist at fire department funerals, wakes and memorial services.
  • Assist at fire department parades and inspections.
  • Assist with state training courses involving the use of public thoroughfares for training purposes.
  • Participate in Fire Prevention week & other public service education programs.
  • Continue to attend advanced fire police meetings, training classes and seminars.
  • Under the mutual aid plan, assist neighboring county/state fire police response teams when requested.




2019 Association Officers


  President  Terry Grisanti
  Vice-President  Gary Sutter, Jr.
  Secretary  Greg Osterstuck
  Treasurer  Doug Wood
  Sgt.-at-Arms  Charlie Bryant
  Asst. Sgt.-at-Arms  William Avis
  Asst. Sgt.-at-Arms   Rick Thompkins
  Chaplain  Ed Sisson, Sr.
  Dir. 1st Battalion  Ed Sisson, Sr.
  Dir. 2nd Battalion  Phil Gerace
  Dir. 3rd Battalion  Greg Osterstuck
  Dir. 4th Battalion  Lavern Terrill



A fire police prayer

Almighty God, our savior, whenever I am dispatched to serve my fellow man in times of need, I ask you to give me the strength and guidance to be ever alert and to be consistent within the discharge of my duties, to be ever mindful of the welfare and safety of all I have been sworn to protect and serve, and to be fair and impartial in the treatment of all persons with whom I come into contact, to be courteous and never be profane in words or deeds while on duty, to strive to always be proficient with the talents which you have given me, and to always have the willingness to serve. And, if during my service to others in their time of need,it is your will that I lay down my life, bless always with your live and guidance, my family and those I leave behind.


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Listing of our association life members to date.


Monthly schedule of fire police events and meetings including VFPASY, Southwestern and Western Association meetings.

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Emergency Response Guide (ERG):

This is the same guide that is used on emergency responses to hazardous materials. Input can be by the chemical name or the chemical number on a tractor-trailer or railroad car for identification.


Downloadable and printable forms (PDF format).  

(1) Chautauqua County Fire Police Association membership application forms.  

(2) Chautauqua County Fire Police Response Team application forms.   

(3) Chautauqua County Fire Police Response Team (no-emergency) request to have team at events form.

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Alphabetical list of over 500 fire related terms and meaning.

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FEMA National firefighter news.


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A list of the award winners given in honor of Mike Dorsett.

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News and meeting events from VFPASNY State Association, Western Association and Southwestern Association

New York State vehicle blue light laws:

The latest law updates regarding blue light use on vehicles and the move-over law.


Information, news, updates about county fire service, our association and fire police response team.


Pictures of Association members, officers, response team officers, incidents, events and delegate conventions. Also firefighter pictures are shown from various locations. Pictures are listed so you can view them in categories on the top of the picture gallery pages.

President's Award:

Listing of the award given for exceptional service to the association.

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A listing of the prior and current President's of the association.

The Fallen:

Line of duty deaths (LODD) in the fire service.


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